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Fez Desert Tours

Fez Desert Tours is a travel agency in Morocco that offers Travel Arrangements, Booking Hotels and Riads, Car rental, Tours in 4x4 or minibus and Tours of Morocco and Abroad. Our agency, leaded by a Moroccan team offers all the classic services.
But above all we want to help you discover our country and on a custom schedule. We would like to share our passion for this beautiful country...

About Us

Our mission is to fill your trip with strong emotions and never give you the feeling of "déjà vu, already made” Fez Desert Tours strong with its 20 years of experience in the field, always looking for the organization of authentic travel around places of interest of course, but mainly out of beaten track. There are many ways to build a trip around a theme that best reflects what you want (Cultural tours, adventure, meeting, rest or passion for wildlife, art or «Tailor made Holidays» is definitely the best defined to our business.


Thousands of offers from super cheap sensationalism upscale are offered by our agency our competitive prices reflect not only negotiated rates for services provided, but also the added value of the exclusive nature of our projects and creations. Our offers are presented with total transparency. Confidence, performance, compliance with codes of the profession for optimum safety and attention to detail: the four core strengths Fez Desert Tours. Do not hesitate to contact us to establish a personal offer, only real way to compare what is comparable!

Receptive to Morocco, our Goal is:

- The Value for money
- Efficient to implement several action areas (tourism, adventures, report, photos, tour guides, event, adventure raids, and local location's useful actions. In short you share our passion for Morocco.

Our Aim

Unite people around a holiday project generate from all on a journey, give everyone the desire to live beautiful moments together ... it's not easy and it's the hard work of the head of group. At Fez Desert Tours, we understood this imperative, which is why we decided to be "flexible" and inventive to help you answer all the questions. All our teams are available and most importantly, listen to you, to help you meet you and your groups. Over 20 years experience in the tourism today this experience gave us a real expertise in the realization of your projects, a great capacity for adaptability of our programs, while advising you on the best way to make your future stay successful. This same expertise that has pushed us to innovate with our new programs to meet your new requirements and ways to live your stays.