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Fez Desert Tours

Fez Desert Tours is a travel agency in Morocco that offers Travel Arrangements, Booking Hotels and Riads, Car rental, Tours in 4x4 or minibus and Tours of Morocco and Abroad. Our agency, leaded by a Moroccan team offers all the classic services.
But above all we want to help you discover our country and on a custom schedule. We would like to share our passion for this beautiful country...

Excursions & Tours from Marrakech

Our travel agency will assist you for all your types of travel

As a global tour operator, we organize and book (IATA Ticketing, holidays, excursions, tours, car rentals, Outgoing ...) we also specializes in organizing business trips and group tours in Marrakech and around the world. Find our weekend offers from our negotiated rates. You have a wide choice of hotels available that fits your needs: Enjoy our best prices for your holiday stays, circuits.....etc For your trip to Morocco, Thousands of offers from super cheap sensationalism to upscale are offered by our agency our competitive prices reflect not only negotiated rates for services provided, but also the added value of the exclusive nature of our projects and creations. Our offers are presented with total transparency we invite you to live and experience the authentic Morocco: Charming weekend in an exclusive riad in Marrakech, tailor made tours to discover 1001 facets of the Kingdom of Morocco, from the Atlantic to the South and Deep Desert . Whatever are your needs; our team of specialists will be attentive, will listen to you and help you create your own trip. At all costs!

We are a travel agency Morocco and on the Internet, the site offers a wide range of Marrakech to Fez tours to fstays in Morocco, weekend in Morocco: weekend wellness, weekend adventure, as well as weekend in Europe with low prices. Fez Desert Tours allows you to prepare your trip by defining your criteria, for example by booking an organized tour in Turkey, a stay in Spain or pilgrimage to Mecca.